About the Ministry.

Hal C. Lee was the pastor of Glencoe Baptist Church for nearly 18 years. During that time his focus was on the teaching of the Holy Bible. His belief was to teach God's Word and let God change the hearts of the people. His focus and dedication through the years culminated in teach the entire Bible. During that time, Hal taught each book of the Bible, verse by verse. He spent most of his time studying the Bible so that he could teach four lesions a week; Adult Sunday School, Sunday Morning and Evening Worship Services and Wednesday Night Services.

Shortly after this ministry began, the services were recorded in a effort to provide a cassette tape ministry to those wanting to study more or for those who were not able to attend. During those years we did not fully appreciate the value of those tapes, until now. These tapes mean so much to his family and to those who knew him that we thought it was important to make them available to everyone. With the growing power of the Internet, our prayer is that God will use this ministry to reach and teach people around the world. It is exciting to believe that Hal Lee will continue to gain rewards for his faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

These tape were not recorded in hi fidelity sound but were just simple monophonic cassettes. Our goal is to convert these tapes into a digital format suitable for transmission over the Internet. Some of the tapes are of very poor recording value and are enhanced whenever possible. However, some tapes were damaged or void of sound altogether and still some are even missing from our archives. We intend to make available every book of the Bible and a collection of Special Studies as complete as possible. This process takes approximately two hours for every hour of recorded time. Please be patient, as we project that it will take nearly five years to complete our task.

Your prayers are always appreciated.
Thank you, and may God bless you as you study His Word.

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