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Prayer Journal v4.02
Special Notice to Windows 95 and Windows 98:
Windows 95/98 users must have already installed DCOM98.EXE.
You will find a link to download it from Microsoft at: http://www.microsoft.com/com/dcom/dcom98/download.asp.

SetUp Instructions:

Click on Prayer Journal V4.zip and select Run, or...

Save the file to a directory on your computer.
Unzip or extract the Prayer Journal V4.zip file.
Then Click "Show Extracted File" and the "Finish" button.
Click on "setup.exe" and follow the SetUp instructions.

Or, run the SetUp program after Extracting Files By:
Click the Start button.
Click on Run.
Click the Browse button.
Find the directory where the Prayer Journal V4.zip files are extracted and click on "setup.exe".
Click on OK from the Run window.
Follow the SetUp instructions.

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