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Prayer Journal X5 UpGrade Changes

X5 Upgrade changes from Version 4.xx include:
1. Completely re-programed in VB-2010 from VB-6.
2. Tabbed window controls for easy navigation and larger displays.
3. Custom user controls for the “Type” field.
4. An additional “Aux” field with custom user controls.
5. More user control over the “Ledger” which includes editing and sorting.
6. A new Web Browser for connectivity and printing.
7. A larger display by hiding the Logo / Verse Display area.
8. “Revert To Start” which restores all changes to the session start.
9. A new “Global Edit” feature to edit or replace on multiple entries at once.

V4 Upgrade changes from Version 3.x.x include:
1. The Prayer Journal now starts in a normal size window instead of maxiumized - for wide screens.
2. A bug fixed in the “Editor Print” function.
3. A search window to help locate specific journal entries.
4. A mouse wheel scroll feature for the Journal Ledger window.
5. An “Editor Print” option that allows you to directly export your report to a word processor.
6. A bug fixed in the “Add Record” function.

V3 Upgrade changes from Version 2.x.x include:
1. A higher resolution display window - 1024 x 768 minimum.
2. A "Tool Bar" and "Status Bar" added.
3. Import and Export capabilities.
4. A "Calendar Tool" for selecting the Journal operating date.
5. Multi-select record deletion in the Journal Ledger.
6. Primary and Secondary sort fields.
7. Enhanced security for Journal privacy.
8. Copy buttons now copy to the computers clipboard and memory.
Copies each individual field's content into individual field memory, and...
Copies all of the field's contents into the computer clipboard.
After loading the content - the clipboard or individual fields can be changed.
9. Paste buttons now paste from the computers clipboard or memory.
Paste all individual field's contents from the computer clipboard if compatible, or...
Paste all individual field's content from individual field memory.

V2 Upgrade changes from Version 1.x.x include:
1. A Petitioner field has been added which makes the Prayer Journal ideal for groups such as:
Church or Sunday School Class, or, just keeping track of those prayers that your friends request of you.
2. Sort the Journal Entries by the "Date Opened", "Petitioner", or "Person / Object of Prayer" fields.
3. Printer dialog windows allow you to change printers and select the number of copies to print.
4. A printable Help window so you can print a hard copy of these instructions.
5. The "Open Date" and "Closed Date" fields - increase / decrease buttons to quickly change the date.
6. Copy and Paste buttons for the entire entry or individual fields.
7. Memory of preferences set in the "Scripture Display".


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