The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Our Lastest Upload!!! We started digitizing these Bible studies for the Book of Matthew in 2016 and completed it yesterday. This was the first book taught (Sunday A.M.) at Glencoe Baptist, before the tape ministry was implemented, so the first seven chapters were not recorded. Matthew’s account of the Gospel was written to the Jews and shows Christ as the King. Start listening now.

Book Marker Added!

Just a Reminder!

After three days of hacking code I was able to add a Book Marker function to help you remember were you were last. Clicking on the Bible Study name sets the Book Marker and when you click on the Bible Study menu it will return you to that Bible Book. Also, when you play an audio that Bible Study name is also saved. You can find this info under the drop down bible study menus. Refreshing the page shows the updated info.