The Book of Esther


The Book of Esther has been uploaded.

Even during a time when the Jews were not in God’s perfect will, God still watched over them in His providential care. From a beauty pageant to queen, God uses Esther to prevent the complete annihilation of all the Jews by putting her in the right place at the right time.

Next up, we will begin working on the Book of Job.

The Book of Ezra

Ezra Praying

The Bible studies for the Book of Ezra have been uploaded and we will begin working on the Book of Nehemiah soon. Ezra is a short book but very interesting. We hope you are safe and well and please have a wonderful resurrection day. May God bless the studying of His Word.

1 & 2 Chronicles


The book of 1st Chronicles has been uploaded and we will begin working on 2nd Chronicles soon. This first book seemed as though it might be boring, but as with all of God’s Word, it was not. God never puts things down in His Word just to fill up space, so it is important to know the whole Bible. i.e. The blood line (the first 9 charter) is paramount to proving the deity of Christ. I’m sure that 2 Chronicles will be a great study as well.

Update 3/18/2020 – The book of 2nd Chronicles has been uploaded.

May God bless His Word in your life.

I & 2 Kings


The book of 1st Kings has been uploaded and hopefully 2nd Kings will be done sometime near the end of January….(Lord willing). May God bless you as you study His Word and may He bless the new year.

Update 1/23/2020 – The book of 2nd Kings has been uploaded.



Our most recent Bible study upload is a study of angels, both holy and fallen. What the Bible has to say about these created spirit beings, their God given purpose, and the influence they have for our life. Angelology