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The Second Book of the CHRONICLES.
Jesus is seen as: Our Reigning King
-Bible Study Info-This book continues the history begun in First Chronicles. It falls into eighteen divisions, by reigns, from Solomon to the captivities; records the division of the kingdom of David under Jeroboam and Rehoboam, and is marked by an ever growing apostasy, broken temporarily by reformations under Asa, 14.—16.; Jehoshaphat, 17. 1—19; Joash, 24.; Hezekiah, 29.—32.; and Josiah, 34., 35. But the religious state of the people, even at the best, is described in Isaiah l.—5 .

The events recorded in Second Chronicles cover a period of 427 years (Ussher).

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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21. 2 CHRONICLES 23:1-21
1996-07-28  S-P.M.  37:49   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 23:1-21

Joash becomes king over Judah.
Execution of Athaliah.
The revival through Jehoiada.
    *Info:   C
22. 2 CHRONICLES 24:1-27
1996-08-04  S-P.M.  34:45   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 24:1-27

Reign of Joash (Jehoash).
The faithless priests.
The temple repaied.
Death of Jehoiada the good priest.
The apostasy of the princes.
Zechariah stoned.
A Syrian invasion: Judah defeated.
Death of Joash.
    *Info:   C
23. 2 CHRONICLES 25:1-28
1996-08-18  S-P.M.  37:58   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 25:1-28

The reign of Amaziah over Judah.
The expedition against Edom.War between Judah and Israel.
Death of Amaziah.
    *Info:   C
24. 2 CHRONICLES 26:1-23
1996-08-25  S-P.M.  41:38   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 26:1-23

Accession of Uzziah.
Uzziah successful in war: his works and fame.
Uzziah`s intrusion into the priest`s office: his punishment.
Death of Uzziah: accession of Jotham over Judah.
    *Info:   C
25. 2 CHRONICLES 27:1-28:27
1996-09-01  S-P.M.  38:43   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 27:1-28:27

Reign of Jotham over Judah.
Death of Jotham king of Judah.
Reign of Ahaz.
War between Ahaz and Pekah.
Edomite and Philistien invasion of Judah.
Death of Ahaz: accession of Hezekiah.
    *Info:   C
26. 2 CHRONICLES 29:1-36
1996-09-08  S-P.M.  46:28   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 29:1-36

Reign of Hazekiah over Judah.
The revival under Hazekiah.
The temple worship restored.
    *Info:   C
27. 2 CHRONICLES 30:1-27
1996-09-15  S-P.M.  33:31   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 30:1-27

Preparations for the passover.
The passover kept.
"Other seven" days kept.
    *Info:   C
28. 2 CHRONICLES 31:1-21
1996-09-22  S-P.M.  38:47   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 31:1-21

Idols destroed.
Hezekiah`s further religious reforms.
    *Info:   C
29. 2 CHRONICLES 32:1-33
1996-10-06  S-P.M.  40:52   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 32:1-33

Sennacherib invades Judah.
Sennacherib seeks to terrify the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Sennacherib defies the God of Hezekiah.
Hezekiah`s prayer.
Jehovah destroys the Assyrian army.
Hezekiah`s illness and recovery.
Hezekiah`s wealth.
Hezekiah receives an embassy from Babylon.
Death of Hezekiah: accession of Manasseh.
    *Info:   C
30. 2 CHRONICLES 33:1-25
1996-10-13  S-P.M.  42:40   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 33:1-25

accession of Manasseh: his evil ways.
Manasseh`s captivity and restoration.
Manasseh`s continued reign, and death.
Reign of Amon.
Death of Amon: accession of Josiah.
    *Info:   C
31. 2 CHRONICLES 34:1-33
1996-10-20  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 34:1-33

Reign of Josiah.
Josiah`s early reformations.
The repairing of the temple.
The law of Moses discovered.
"By the law is knowledge of sin".
The words of Huldah the prophetess.
The law read to the people.
The king`s coveant.
The futher reforms of Josiah.
    *Info:   M D
Not Available
32. 2 CHRONICLES 35:1-27
1996-10-27  S-P.M.  43:32   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 35:1-27

The passover kept.
Death of Josiah.
    *Info:   C
33. 2 CHRONICLES 36:1-23
1996-11-03  S-P.M.  44:26   -15       Outline    Subject(s)2 CHRONICLES 36:1-23

Reign and dethronement of Jehoahaz.
Accession and reign of Jehoiachin.
Zedekiah made king.
Final deprtation: the captivity of Judah in Babylon.
Decree of Cyrus for rebuilding the temple.
    *Info:   C

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