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The Second Book of Moses Called EXODUS.
Jesus is seen as: The Passover Lamb
-Bible Study Info-EXODUS, “going out,” records the redemption out of Egyptian bondage of the descendants of Abraham, and sets forth, in type, all redemption. It is therefore peculiarly the book of redemption. But as all redemption is unto a relationship with God of which worship, fellowship, and service are expressions, so Exodus, in the giving of the law and the provisions of sacrifice and priesthood, becomes not only the book of redemption, but also, in type, of the conditions upon which all relationships with God exist.

Broadly, the book teaches that redemption is essential to any relationship with a holy God; and that even a redeemed people cannot have fellowship with Him unless constantly cleansed from defilement.

In Exodus, God, hitherto connected with the Israelitish people only through His covenant with Abraham, brings them to Himself nationaIIy through redemption, puts them under the Mosaic Covenant, and dwells among them in the cloud of glory. Galatians explains the relation of the law to the Abrahamic Covenant. In the Commandments God taught Israel His just demands. Experience under the Commandments convicted Israel of sin; and the provision of priesthood and sacrifice (filled with precious types of Christ) gave a guilty peoplea way of forgiveness, cleansing, restoration to fellowship, and worship.

Exodus falls into three chief divisions:
1. Israel in Egypt (1.—15.).
2. From theRed Sea to Sinai (16.—18.).
3. Israel at Sinai (19.—40.).

The events recorded in Exodus cover a period of 216 years (Ussher).

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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21. EXODUS 20:1-26
02-28-1982  S-P.M.  45:17   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 20:1-26

Redemption: (3) experience. self known through the revelation of God`s holy law.
The Law: (1) the commandments. the fifth or Mosaic Covenat.
    *Info:   T
22. EXODUS 21:1-36
03-07-1982  S-P.M.  45:46   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 21:1-36

The Law: (2) the `judgments`. master and servant.
The Law: (2) the `judgments`. injuries to the person.
    *Info:   T
23. EXODUS 22:1-31
03-14-1982  S-P.M.  44:42   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 22:1-31

The Law: (2) the `judgments`. rights of property.
The Law: (2) the `judgments`. crimes against humanity.
    *Info:   T
24. EXODUS 23:1-33
03-21-1982  S-P.M.  45:30   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 23:1-33

The Law: (2) the `judgments`. the land and the Sabbath.
The three national feasts: unleaven bread. firstfruits. in gathering.
Instructions and promises concerning the conquest of the land.
    *Info:   T
25. EXODUS 24:1-18
03-28-1982  S-P.M.  37:44   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 24:1-18

The order of worship pending the building of the tabernacle.
The people accept the covenant: the worship of the people.
The worship of Moses, the priests, and the elders.
26. EXODUS 25:1-40
04-04-1982  S-P.M.  45:42   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 25:1-40

Moses in the mount.
The Tabernacle: (1) the materials.
The Tabernacle: (2) the ark.
The Tabernacle: (3) the table of Shewbread.
The Tabernacle: (4) the golden candlestick.
    *Info:   T
27. EXODUS 26:1-37
04-18-1982  S-P.M.  41:15   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 26:1-37

The Tabernacle: (5) the curtains of linen.
The Tabernacle: (6) the curtains of goat hair.
The Tabernacle: (7) the coverings of rams` skins.
The Tabernacle: (8) the boards and sockets.
The Tabernacle: (9) the outer bars.
The Tabernacle: (10) the bar in the midst.
The Tabernacle: (11) the overlay of gold.
The Tabernacle: (12) the inner vail.
The Tabernacle: (13) the outter vail.
    *Info:   D
28. EXODUS 27:1-21
04-25-1982  S-P.M.  42:20   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 27:1-21

The Tabernacle: (14) the brazen alter.
The Tabernacle: (15) the court.
The Tabernacle: (16) the hanging for the gate of the court.
The Tabernacle: (17) the oil for the light.
    *Info:   D
29. EXODUS 28:1-43
05-02-1982  S-P.M.  41:17   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 28:1-43

The priesthood: (1) the high priest and the priest. types of Christ and the `believers of the church age`.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The materials.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The ephod.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The breastplate.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The Urim and Thummim.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The robe of the Ephod.
The priesthood: (2) the garments of the high priest. The "holy crown".
The priesthood: (2) the ordinary garments of the high priest and priests, over which the garments for glory and beauty were put on.
30. EXODUS 29:1-46
05-09-1982  S-P.M.  43:25   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 29:1-46

The priesthood: (3) the consecration of the priests: the offerings.
The priesthood: (3) the consecration of the priests: the order of the high priest.
The priesthood: (3) the consecration of the priests: the order for the priest.
The priesthood: (3) the consecration of the priests: the order for the sacrifices.
The priesthood: (4) the food of the priests:.
The continual burnt-offering.
    *Info:   T
31. EXODUS 30:1-38
05-16-1982  S-P.M.  40:29   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 30:1-38

The Tabernacle: (18) the alter of incesne. the great worship chapter.
Who may worship? (1) the redeemed.
Who may worship? (2) the cleansed.
Who may worship? (3) the anointed.
Worship: the incense, type of prayer and praise. It is for the Lord, spiritual, not sensuous.
32. EXODUS 31:0-0
05-23-1982  S-P.M.  44:25   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 31:0-0

Overview of the Tabernacle. Chapters 25-30
33. EXODUS 31:1-18
05-30-1982  S-P.M.  45:44   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 31:1-18

The Tabernacle: (19) the workmen.
The Sabbath a sign between Jehovah and Israel.
34. EXODUS 32:1-35
06-06-1982  S-P.M.  34:14   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 32:1-35

Parenthetical: the broken law.
The advocacy of Moses.
Discplinary judgment.
The missed blessing.
The confession and intercession of Moses.
35. EXODUS 33:1-23
06-13-1982  S-P.M.  31:39   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 33:1-23

The journey to be resumed.
The `tent of meeting` outside the camp.
Moses` prayer, Jehovah`s answer.
Moses seeks a new vision for the new task.
36. EXODUS 34:1-35
06-27-1982  S-P.M.  37:57   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 34:1-35

The second tables of the law.
The new vision.
The renewed commission.
The feast and the sabbaths again enjoined.
37. EXODUS 35:1-37
06-27-1982  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 35:1-37

The Sabbath in Israel.
The tabernacle: Moses instructs the people.
The gifts of the people.
Bazaleel and Aholiab to devise and teach.
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38. EXODUS 36:1-38
07-04-1982  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 36:1-38

More than enough: the work begun.
The linen curtains.
The curtains of goats` hair.
The covering of rams skins.
The boards and sockets.
The sockets of silver.
The bars.
The inner vail.
The outer vail.
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39. EXODUS 37:1-29
07-11-1982  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 37:1-29

The ark.
The mercy seat.
The table of shewbread.
The golden candlestick.
The incense alter.
The holy anointing oil.
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Not Available
40. EXODUS 38:1-31
07-18-1982  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EXODUS 38:1-31

The alter of burnt-offering.
The laver of brass.
The court.
The gate of the court.
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