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The First Book of Moses Called GENESIS.
Jesus is seen as: The Seed of Woman
-Bible Study Info-GENESIS is the book of beginnings. It records not only the beginning of the heavens and the earth, and of plant, animal, and human life, but also of all human institutions and relationships. Typically, it speaks of the new birth, the new creation, where all was chaos and ruin..

With Genesis begins also that progressive self-revelation of God which culminates in Christ. The three primary names of Deity, Elohim, Jehovah, and Adonai, and the five most important of the compound names, occur in Genesis; and that in an ordered progression which could not be changed without confusion..

The problem of sin as affecting man’s condition in the earth, and his relation to God, and the divine solution of that problem are here in essence. Of the eight great covenants which condition human life and the divine redemption, four, the Edenic, Adamic, Noahic, and Abrahamic Covenants, are in this book; and these are the fun damental covenants to which the other four, the Mosaic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New Covenants, are related chiefly as adding detail or development..

Genesis enters into the very structure of the New Testament, in which it is quoted above sixty times in seventeen books. In a profound sense, therefore, the roots of all subsequent revelation are planted deep in Genesis, and whoever would truly comprehend that revelation must begin here..

The inspiration of Genesis and its character as a divine revelation are authenticated by the testimony of history, and by the testimony of Christ (Mt. 19. 4—6; 24. 37—39; Mk. 10. 4—9; Lk. 11. 49~51; 17. 26—29, 32; John 1. 5; 7. 21—23; 8. 44, 56)..

Genesis is in five chief divisions: .
1. Creation (1. 1—2. 25).
2. The Fall and Redemption (3. 1—4. 7).
3. The Diverse Seeds, Cain and Seth, to the Flood (4. 8—7. 24).
4. The Flood to Babel (8. 1—11. 9).
5. From the call of Abram to the death of Joseph (11. 10—50. 26).

The events recorded in Genesis cover a period of 2,315 years (Ussher).

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

Note: We regret that the first 19 chapters of Genesis were not recorded. Genisis and Matthew were the first books taught when Glencoe Baptist began and before the Tape Ministry was established.
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1. GENESIS 1:1-31    Re-Start    -15
1980-05-18  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 1:1-31

The Original Creation.
Earth made waste and empty by judgment.
The new beginning:.
1. The first day: light defused.
2. The second day: Vapour above, water below.
3. The third day: land and sea. plant life appears.
4. The fourth day: the sun, moon, and stars become visible.
5. The fifth day: the second cretive act - animal life.
6. The sixth day: 1. The fecundity of the earth after the creative work of the fifth day.
6. The sixth day: 2. The creation of man.
The first dispensation: Innocency. The first , or Edenic Covenant: Conditioned the life of unfallen man.
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2. GENESIS 2:1-25    Re-Start    -15
1980-05-25  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 2:1-25

The sabbath rest of God: Type of the believer`s rest in the finished work of redemption.
Summary of the creation work of chapter one.
The creative act of Genesis 1 described.
The habitation of unfallen man, and the Edenic covenant.
The method of the creation of woman.
Eve, type of the church as bride of Christ.
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3. GENESIS 3:1-24    Re-Start    -15
1980-06-01  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 3:1-24

The temptation of Eve: 1. The implied doubt of the benevolence of God.
The temptation of Eve: 2. Adding to the Word of God.
The temptation of Eve: 3. The first lie.
The temptation of Eve: 4. The apeal of to pride.
The temptation of Eve: 5. The fall.
The seeking God. His sabbath rest broken. His new work begun.
The Second , or Adamic Covenant.
The faith of Adam.
The response of Jehovah Elohim to the faith of Adam.
The judgment of the Expulsion ends the First Dispensation.
The Second Dispensation: Conscience.
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4. GENESIS 4:1-26    Re-Start    -15
1980-06-08  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 4:1-26

The first sons of Adam and Eve.
Cain exhorted even yet to bring a sin offering.
The first murder: history of Cain.
The first civilization.
The birth of Seth: The spiritual seed renewed.
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5. GENESIS 5:1-32    Re-Start    -15
1980-06-15  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 5:1-32

The generations of Adam.
The family of Seth.
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6. GENESIS 6:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1980-06-22  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 6:1-22

The Flood:.
1. The marriage of Cainites with Sethites.
2. The warning of Jehovah.
3. The antediluvian civilization.
4. The purpose of Jehovah in judgment.
5. The purpose of Jehovah in grace.
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7. GENESIS 7:1-24    Re-Start    -15
1980-06-29  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 7:1-24

The Flood:.(Cont).
6. The judgement of the flood:.
End of testing under the second dispensation.
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8. GENESIS 8:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1980-07-06  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 8:1-22

The Third Dispensation:.
Human Government.
The Noahic Covenant.
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9. GENESIS 9:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1980-07-13  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 9:1-29

The Noahic Covenant.(Cont).
Parenthetical: The shame of Noah and the sin of Ham.
Conclusion of the Noahic Covenant: the prophet declaration.
The family of Noah.
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10. GENESIS 10:1-32    Re-Start    -15
1980-07-20  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 10:1-32

The family of Noah.(Cont)
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11. GENESIS 11:1-32    Re-Start    -15
1980-07-27  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 11:1-32

The failure of man under the Noahic Covenant.
The judgement of the confusion of tongues. .
Life continues under the Adamic and Noahic Covenants.
The ancestary of Abram.
Incomplete obedience: the wasted years at Haran.
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12. GENESIS 12:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1980-08-03  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 12:1-20

The Fourth Dispensation: Promise.
From the call of Abram to the giving of the Law.
The Abrahamic Covenant.
Abram in the land: worship, communion, and promise.
Under trial Abram forsakes the place of blessing.
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13. GENESIS 13:1-18    Re-Start    -15
1980-08-10  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 13:1-18

Abram returns to the land and the alter.
Abram`s separation from Lot.
Lot`s second step in backsliding.
The Abrahamic Covenant: the land given: natural prosterity promised.
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14. GENESIS 14:1-24    Re-Start    -15
1980-08-17  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 14:1-24

Abram delivers Lot.
The revelation of God as El Elyon, `Most high God, possessor of heaven and earth.`
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15. GENESIS 15:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1980-08-24  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 15:1-21

The Abrahamic Covenant confirmed: a spiritual seed promised.
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16. GENESIS 16:1-16    Re-Start    -15
1980-08-31  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 16:1-16

The birth of Ishmael.
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17. GENESIS 17:1-27    Re-Start    -15
1980-09-07  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 17:1-27

The revelation of God as El Shaddai, Almighty God.
Abram becomes Abraham.
The Abrahamic Covenant confirmed and made everlasting.
Circumcision established as a sign of the Abrahamic Covenant.
The promise of Isaac, in whom the line of Christ runs.
Ishmael to be a nation.
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18. GENESIS 18:1-33    Re-Start    -15
1980-09-14  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 18:1-33

Abraham `The friend of God`.
Abraham the intercessor.
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19. GENESIS 19:1-38    Re-Start    -15
1980-09-21  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 19:1-38

The destruction of Sodom.
Lot`s third step in backsliding: a great man in Sodom.
Lot`s last step in backsliding.
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20. GENESIS 20:1-18    Re-Start    -15
1980-10-05  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)GENESIS 20:1-18

Abraham`s lapse at Gerar.
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