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The Book of the Prophet ISAIAH.
Jesus is seen as: The Prince of Peace
-Bible Study Info-Isaiah is justly accounted the chief of the writing prophets. He has the more comprehensive testimony and is distinctively the prophet of redemption. Nowhere else in the Scriptures written under the law have we so clear a view of grace. The New Testament Church does not appear (Eph 3:3-10), but Messiah in His Person and sufferings, and the blessing of the Gentiles through Him, are in full vision.

Apart from his testimony to his own time, which includes warnings of coming judgments upon the great nations of that day, the predictive messages of Isaiah cover seven great themes:
1. Israel in exile and divine judgment upon Israel's oppressors.
2. The return from Babylon.
3. The manifestation of Messiah in humiliation (e.g. Chap. 53.).
4. The blessing of the Gentiles.
5. The manifestation of Messiah in judgment ("the day of vengeance of our God").
6. The reign of David's righteous Branch in the kingdom-age.
7. The new heavens and the new earth.

Isaiah is in two chief divisions:
1. looking toward the captivities, 1.1-39. 8. Key verses, 1.1,2.
2. Looking beyond the captivities, 40.1-66, 24. Key verses, 40.1,2. These chief divisions fall into subdivisions, as indicated in the text.
The events recorded in Isaiah cover a period of 62 years (Ussher).

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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64 Bible Studies for:  ISAIAH
Studies Listed: 41 - 60
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41. ISAIAH 43:1-28    Re-Start    -15
1993-09-26  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 43:1-28

Israel chosen, sinning chastened, restored. [Cont.].
2. The chosen nation redeemed, and restored.
   *Info:   C
42. ISAIAH 44:1-28    Re-Start    -15
1993-10-03  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 44:1-28

Israel chosen, sinning chastened, restored. [Cont.].
3. The promise of the Spirit: the fiolly of idolatry.
The prophecy concerning Cyrus, and the restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah.
   *Info:   C
43. ISAIAH 45:1-25    Re-Start    -15
1993-10-10  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 45:1-25

The prophecy concerning Cyrus, and the restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah. [Cont.].
Israel reminded that safety and salvation are to be found only in Jehovah.
   *Info:   C
44. ISAIAH 46:1-13    Re-Start    -15
1993-10-17  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 46:1-13

Israel exhorted to remember the power of Jehovah, and the powerlessness of idols.
   *Info:   C
45. ISAIAH 47:1-15    Re-Start    -15
1993-10-24  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 47:1-15

Judgment upon Babylon.
   *Info:   C
46. ISAIAH 48:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1993-10-31  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 48:1-22

Israel to be restored under the Holy One, Jehovah`s Servant:.
1. Israel reminded of the promises.
   *Info:   D T
47. ISAIAH 49:1-26    Re-Start    -15
1993-11-07  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 49:1-26

Israel to be restored under the Holy One, Jehovah`s Servant:. [Cont.].
2. The Holy One, Israel`s redeemer.
3. Israel to be preserved and restored.
4. Judgement on Israel`s oppressors.
   *Info:   C
48. ISAIAH 50:1-11    Re-Start    -15
1993-11-14  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 50:1-11

Israel to be restored under the Holy One, Jehovah`s Servant:. [Cont.].
5. The humiliation of the Holy One.
   *Info:   C
49. ISAIAH 51:1-23    Re-Start    -15
1993-11-21  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 51:1-23

Israel to be restored under the Holy One, Jehovah`s Servant:. [Cont.].
6. Israel to be redeemed: oppressors punished.
   *Info:   C
50. ISAIAH 52:1-15    Re-Start    -15
1993-11-28  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 52:1-15

Israel to be restored under the Holy One, Jehovah`s Servant:. [Cont.].
7. Vision of Jerusalem in the kingdom age.
8. Jehovah`s Servant, marred and afterward exalted.
   *Info:   C
51. ISAIAH 53:1-12    Re-Start    -15
1993-12-05  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 53:1-12

The vicarious sacrifice of Christ, Jehovah`s Servant.
   *Info:   C
52. ISAIAH 54:1-17    Re-Start    -15
1993-12-12  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 54:1-17

Israel the restored wife of Jehovah.
   *Info:   C
53. ISAIAH 55:1-13    Re-Start    -15
1993-12-26  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 55:1-13

The everlasting salvation.
   *Info:   C
54. ISAIAH 56:1-12    Re-Start    -15
1994-01-02  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 56:1-12

Ethical instructions.
   *Info:   C
55. ISAIAH 57:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1994-01-16  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 57:1-21

Ethical instructions.[Cont.].
James Dobson 1993 Review - News Letter. @23:00 minutes
   *Info:   C T
56. ISAIAH 58:1-14    Re-Start    -15
1994-01-23  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 58:1-14

Ethical instructions.[Cont.]
   *Info:   C
57. ISAIAH 59:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1994-01-30  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 59:1-21

Ethical instructions.[Cont.]
The Deliverer out of Zion.
   *Info:   C
58. ISAIAH 60:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1994-02-06  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 60:1-22

The Deliverer out of Zion. [Cont.]
   *Info:   C
59. ISAIAH 61:1-11    Re-Start    -15
1994-02-13  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 61:1-11

The two advents in one view.
Kingdom peace and blessing after the day of vengeance anticipated.
1. The restoration of Israel.
   *Info:   C
60. ISAIAH 62:1-12    Re-Start    -15
1994-03-06  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)ISAIAH 62:1-12

The restoration of Israel. [Cont.].
1. The restoration of Israel. [Cont.]
   *Info:   M D
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