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The Gospel According to MARK.
Jesus is seen as: The Servant
-Bible Study Info-WRITER. The writer of the second Gospel, Mark, called also John, was the son of one the New Testament "Marys", and nephew of Barnabas. He was an associate of the apostles, and is mentioned in the writings of Paul and of Luke Ac 12:12; 15:37,39; Col 4:10; 2Ti 4:11; Phm 1:24.

DATE. The date of Mark has been variously placed between A.D. 57 and 63.

THEME. The scope and purpose of the book are evident from its contents. In it Jesus is seen as the mighty Worker, rather than as the unique Teacher. It is the Gospel of Jehovah's "Servant the Branch" Zec 3:8 as Matthew is the Gospel of the "Branch. . .unto David" Jer 33:15.

Everywhere the servant character of the incarnate Son is manifest. The key verse is Mr 10:45. "For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister." The characteristic word is "straightway," a servant's word. There is no genealogy, for who gives the genealogy of a servant? The distinctive character of Christ in Mark is that set forth in Php 2:6-8.

But this lowly Servant, who emptied Himself of the "form of God," "and was found in fashion as a man," was, nevertheless, "the mighty God" Isa 9:6 as Mark distinctly declares (Mr 1:1) and therefore mighty works accompanied and authenticated His ministry. As befits a Servant-Gospel, Mark is characteristically a Gospel of deeds, rather than on words.

The best preparation of the heart for the study of Mark is the prayerful reading of Isa 42:1-21; 50:4-11; 52:13-53:12; Zec 3:8; Php 2:5-8.

Mark is in five principal divisions:
1. The manifestation of the Servant-Son, 1.1-11.
2. The Servant-Son tested as to His fidelity, 1.12,13.
3. The Servant-Son at work, 1.14-13.37.
4. The Servant-Son "obedient unto death," 14.1-15.47.
5. The ministry of the risen Servant-Son, now exalted to all authority, 16.1-20.

The events recorded in this book cover a period of 7 years.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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21. MARK 8:10-21        Re-Start        -15
1992-05-10  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 8:10-21

The Pharisees ask for a sign. the meaning of leaven explained.
   *Info:   C
22. MARK 8:22-38        Re-Start        -15
1992-05-17  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 8:22-38

The blind man healed otside Bethsaida.
Peter`s confession of faith.
The true use of life: value of a soul.
   *Info:   C
23. MARK 9:1-13        Re-Start        -15
1992-05-24  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 9:1-13

The transfiguration.
   *Info:   C
24. MARK 9:14-29        Re-Start        -15
1992-05-31  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 9:14-29

The importent disciples: the mighty Christ.
   *Info:   C
25. MARK 9:30-50        Re-Start        -15
1992-06-07  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 9:30-50

Jesus fortells His death and resurrection.
The dispute who should be greatest.
The rebuke of sectarianism.
Jesus` solemn warning of hell.
   *Info:   C
26. MARK 10:1-16        Re-Start        -15
1992-06-14  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 10:1-16

Jesus` law of divorce.
Jesus blesses little children,
   *Info:   C
27. MARK 10:17-27        Re-Start        -15
1992-06-21  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 10:17-27

The rich young ruler.
The warning against riches.
   *Info:   C
28. MARK 10:28-45        Re-Start        -15
1992-06-28  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 10:28-45

The warning against riches. [Cont.].
Jesus again foretells his death and resurrection.
The desire of James and John to be first.
   *Info:   C
29. MARK 10:46-52        Re-Start        -15
1992-07-05  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 10:46-52

Batimæus receives his sight.
   *Info:   C D
30. MARK 11:1-14        Re-Start        -15
1992-07-12  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 11:1-14

The official presentation of Jesus as King.
The barren fig tree.
   *Info:   C
31. MARK 11:15-19        Re-Start        -15
1992-08-09  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 11:15-19

Jesus purifies the temple.
   *Info:   C
32. MARK 11:20-33        Re-Start        -15
1992-08-16  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 11:20-33

Jesus purifies the temple. [Cont.].
The pryaer of faith.
Jesus` authority questioned.
   *Info:   C
33. MARK 12:1-12        Re-Start        -15
1992-08-23  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 12:1-12

Parable of the householder demanding friuit from his vineyard.
   *Info:   C
34. MARK 12:13-27        Re-Start        -15
1992-08-30  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 12:13-27

The question of tribute.
Jesus answers the Sadducees.
   *Info:   C
35. MARK 12:28-44        Re-Start        -15
1992-09-06  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 12:28-44

The great commandments.
Jesus questions the Pharisees.
Jesus and the widow`smite.
   *Info:   C
36. MARK 13:1-13        Re-Start        -15
1992-09-13  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 13:1-13

The Olivet discourse: the disciples` questions.
The Olivet discourse: the course of this age.
   *Info:   C
37. MARK 13:14-23        Re-Start        -15
1992-09-27  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 13:14-23

The great tribulation
   *Info:   C
38. MARK 13:24-37        Re-Start        -15
1992-10-04  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 13:24-37

The Lord`s return in glory.
Parable of the fig tree.
Watchfulness in view of the return of the Lord.
   *Info:   C
39. MARK 14:1-11        Re-Start        -15
1992-10-11  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 14:1-11

The plot to put Jesus to death.
Jesus anointed by Mary of Bethany.
Judas covenants to betray Jesus.
   *Info:   C
40. MARK 14:12-25        Re-Start        -15
1992-10-18  S-A.M.      Outline   Subject(s)MARK 14:12-25

The preparation of the passover.
The last passover.
Jesus institutes the Lord`s Supper.
   *Info:   C
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