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The General Epistle of JUDE.
Jesus is seen as: The Lord - Coming With 10,000 of His Saints
-Bible Study Info-WRITER: Jude, the brother of James (Jude 1:1)

DATE: Probably A.D. 66

THEME: It is not so much Jude who speaks, as the constraining Spirit (Jude 1:3) and the theme is, "Contending for the faith" (Lu 18:8), Cmt. on Lu 18:8. In this brief letter the apostasy (Cmt. on 2Th 2:3) of the professing church is predicted, and the cause and course described. As in Second Timothy and Second Peter the apostasy is treated as having already set in.

The Epistle is in five divisions:
1. Introduction vs. 1, 2
2. Occasion of the Epistle, vs. 3, 4
3. Apostasy is possible, vs. 5-7
4. Apostate teachers described, vs. 8-19
5. The saints assured and comforted, vs. 20-25

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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3 Bible Studies for:  JUDE
1. JUDE 1:1-5        Re-Start        -15
1984-05-20  S.S.      Outline   Subject(s)JUDE 1:1-5

Part 1: Introduction.
Part 2: The occasion of the Epistle: the apostasy.
Part 3: Historical Instances of apostasy.
2. JUDE 1:6-11        Re-Start        -15
1984-05-27  S.S.      Outline   Subject(s)JUDE 1:6-11

Part 4: Apostate teachers described.
   *Info:   T
3. JUDE 1:12-25        Re-Start        -15
1984-06-03  S.S.      Outline   Subject(s)JUDE 1:12-25

Part 5: True believers assured and comforted: their sevenfold duty.
Version 1.1
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