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The Book of OBADIAH.
Jesus is seen as: The Mighty to Save
-Bible Study Info-Internal evidence seems to fix the date of Obadiah's ministry in the reign of the bloody Athaliah 2Ki 8:16-26. If this be true, and if the ministry of Joel was during the reign of Joash, then Obadiah is chronologically first of the writing prophets, and first to use the formula, "the day of the Lord." (Cf.) Cmt. on Joe 1:4.

The book is in four parts:
1. Edom's humiliation, vs. 1-9.
2. The crowning sin of Edom, vs. 10-14.
3. The future visitation of Edom in the day of the Lord, vs. Ob 1:15-16, (Isa 34.). Isa 63:1-6.
4. The inclusion of Edom in the future kingdom, Ob 1:17-21; Nu 24:17-19.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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1 Bible Studies for:  OBADIAH
1. OBADIAH 1:1-21        Re-Start        -15
1987-02-01  S-P.M.      Outline   Subject(s)OBADIAH 1:1-21

Part 1: The humiliation of Edom.
Part 2: The great sin of Edom.
Part 3: Edom in the day of the Lord.
Part 4: Edom to be included in the kingdom.
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