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The FIRST General Epistle of JOHN.
-Study Info-WRITER: The Apostle John, as unbroken tradition affirms, and as internal evidence and comparison with the Gospel of John prove.

DATE: Probably A.D. 90

THEME: First John is a family letter from the Father to His "little children" who are in the world. With the possible exception of the Song of Solomon, it is the most intimate of the inspired writings. The world is viewed as without. The sin of a believer is treated as a child's offence against his Father, and is dealt with as a family matter (1Jo 1:9; 2:1). The moral government of the universe is not in question. The child's sin as an offence against the law had been met in the Cross, and "Jesus Christ the righteous" is now his "Advocate with the Father." John's Gospel leads across the threshold of the Father's house; his first Epistle makes us at home there. A tender word is used for "children," teknia, "born ones," or "bairns." Paul is occupied with our public position as sons; John with our nearness as born-ones of the Father.

First John is in two principal divisions.
1. The family with the Father, 1. 1-3. 24.
2. The family and the world, 4. 1-5. 21.

There is a secondary analysis in each division of which occurs the phrase, "My little children," as follows:
(I.) Introductory, the incarnation, 1.1, 2.
(II.) The little children and fellowship 1.3-2.14
(III.) The little children and secular and "religious" world 2.15-28.
(IV.) How the little children may know each other, 2.29-3.10
(V.) How the little children must live together, 3.11-24.
(VI.) Parenthetic: How the little children may know false teachers, 4.1-6.
(VII.) The little children assured and warned, 4.7-5.21.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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1. 1 JOHN 1:1-10
03-04-1984  S.S.  44:04   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 1:1-10

Part 1: The family with the Father: Fellowship.
1. The incarnation makes fellowship possible.
2. Fellowship with the Father and the Son.
3. The conditions of fellowship.
3a. The walk in the light.
3b. The fact of indwelling sin admitted.
3c. Sins confessed, forgiven, and cleansed.
       Info: T
2. 1 JOHN 2:1-11
03-11-1984  S.S.  38:17   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 2:1-11

3. The conditions of fellowship.
3d. Fellowship maintained by Christ`s advocacy.
3e. The test of fellowship: obedience and love.
3. 1 JOHN 2:12-27
03-18-1984  S.S.  44:17   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 2:12-27

The children must not love the present world.
The children warned against apostates who deny the true deity of Christ.
       Info: T
4. 1 JOHN 2:28-3:3
03-25-1984  S.S.  44:19   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 2:28-3:3

How the little children may know each other.
       Info: T
5. 1 JOHN 3:4-24
04-01-1984  S.S.  44:30   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 3:4-24

How the little children must live together.
       Info: T
6. 1 JOHN 4:1-6
04-08-1984  S.S.  45:28   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 4:1-6

Part 2: The family and the world.
The marks of false teachers.
(a) The false doctrine of Christ`s person.
(b) The world-marks of false teachers.
7. 1 JOHN 4:7-24
04-15-1984  S.S.  45:50   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 4:7-24

The true children are born of God through faith in the propitiation of the Son of God.
The love-life is shown by the life of love.
       Info: T
8. 1 JOHN 5:1-21
04-22-1984  S.S.  45:54   -15
OutlineSubject(s)1 JOHN 5:1-21

Faith is the overcoming principle in the world-conflict.
       Info: T
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