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23 Bible Studies for:  1 KINGS
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1. 1 KINGS 1:1-53    Re-Start    -15
1990-10-31  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 1:1-53

David`s declining strength.
Adonijah plots to seize the kingdom.
The counter=plot of Nathan and Bath-sheba.
Solomon anointed king.
Adonijah`s submission.
   *Info:   C
2. 1 KINGS 2:1-46    Re-Start    -15
1990-11-07  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 2:1-46

David`s charge to Solomon.
The death of David.
Solomon`s accession.
Execution of Adonijah.
Abitathar removed the priesthood.
The flight and death of Joab.
Benaiah made chief captain, and Zadok priest.
Execution of Shimel.
   *Info:   C
3. 1 KINGS 3:1-28    Re-Start    -15
1990-11-14  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 3:1-28

Solomon makes alliance with Pharaoh, and marries his daughter.
Solomon sacrifices at Gibeon.
Solom`s prayer for wisdom.
The wisdom of Solomon.
4. 1 KINGS 4:1-34    Re-Start    -15
1990-11-14  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 4:1-34

The princess of Israel in Solomons reign.
The twelve commissaries.
The wisdom of solomon.
   *Info:   C
5. 1 KINGS 5:1-18    Re-Start    -15
1990-12-05  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 5:1-18

Solomon prepares to build the temple.
Preparations for building the temple: thelabourers and thier work.
   *Info:   C
6. 1 KINGS 6:1-38    Re-Start    -15
1990-12-12  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 6:1-38

Solomon begins to build the temple.
Dimensions and materials of the temple.
(A comparison to the tabernacle.)
   *Info:   C
7. 1 KINGS 7:1-51    Re-Start    -15
1990-12-19  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 7:1-51

Dimensions and materials of the temple. {Cont.}
   *Info:   C
8. 1 KINGS 8:1-11    Re-Start    -15
1990-12-26  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 8:1-11

The ark brought in: the shalinah-glory fills the house.
   *Info:   C
9. 1 KINGS 8:12-66    Re-Start    -15
1991-01-02  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 8:12-66

Sermon of Solomon.
Solomon`s prayer of dedication.
Solomon`s blessing after the prayer.
Sacrifice and rejoicing.
   *Info:   C
10. 1 KINGS 9:1-28    Re-Start    -15
1991-01-09  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 9:1-28

Johovah appears the second time to Solomon.
The energy and fame of Solomon.
   *Info:   C
11. 1 KINGS 10:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1991-01-23  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 10:1-29

Solomon and the queen of Sheba.
Solomon`s revenue and splendour.
   *Info:   C
12. 1 KINGS 11:1-43    Re-Start    -15
1991-01-30  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 11:1-43

Solomon`s heart turned away from Jehovah.
The anger and chastening of Jehovah.
The rise of Jeroboam.
The death of Solomon.
   *Info:   C
13. 1 KINGS 12:1-33    Re-Start    -15
1991-02-13  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 12:1-33

Accession and folly of Rehoboam.
The divisio of the kingdom: accesion of Jeroboam.
Jeroboam destroys the religious unity of the nation.
   *Info:   C
14. 1 KINGS 13:1-34    Re-Start    -15
1991-02-20  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 13:1-34

Prophecy against Jeroboam`s false alter.
The sign from God upon Jeroboam.
Disobedience and death of the man of God.
Jeroboam persists in evil.
   *Info:   C
15. 1 KINGS 14:1-31    Re-Start    -15
1991-02-27  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 14:1-31

Prophecy against Jeroboam: Partial fulfilment.
Death of Jeroboam.
Judah`s apostasy under Rehoboam.
Invasion of Shishak.
Death of Rehoboam.
   *Info:   C
16. 1 KINGS 15:1-34    Re-Start    -15
1991-03-13  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 15:1-34

Accession of Abijam.
Death of Abijam.
The war with Baasha: Asa`s league with Syria.
Illness and death of Asa. Accession of Jehoshaphat.
Accession of Nadab over Isael.
Rebellion and accession of Baasha over Israel.
War between Asa, king of Judah, and Baasha, king of Israel.
   *Info:   C
17. 1 KINGS 16:1-34    Re-Start    -15
1991-03-20  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 16:1-34

Prophecy against Baasha: his death.
Accession of Elah over Israel.
The reign of Zimri over Israel.
Tibni of Omri over Israel: he makes Samaria the capital.
Accession of Ahab over Israel: he marries Jezebel.
   *Info:   C
18. 1 KINGS 17:1-24    Re-Start    -15
1991-03-27  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 17:1-24

Ministry of Elijah: his prediction of three years` drought.
Elijah fed at Cherith.
Elijah fed at Zarephath.
Elijah raises the widow`s son.
   *Info:   C
19. 1 KINGS 18:1-46    Re-Start    -15
1991-04-03  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 18:1-46

Elijah goes to meet Ahab.
Abeliever out of touch with God.
Elijah meets Ahab: the prophet`s challenge.
Jehovah versus Baal.
Elijah on Carmel.
   *Info:   C
20. 1 KINGS 19:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1991-04-10  WED     Outline   Subject(s)1 KINGS 19:1-21

Jehovah`s tender care of His overwrought prophet.
Elijah on Horeb.
The call of Elisha.
   *Info:   C
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