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25 Bible Studies for:  2 KINGS
Studies Listed: 1 - 20
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1. 2 KINGS 1:1-18    Re-Start    -15
1991-05-22  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 1:1-18

Rebellion of Moab: Illness of Ahaziah, king of Israel.
Elijah`s message to Ahaziah: Elijah`s deliverance.
Death of Ahaziah: accession of Jehoram king over Israel.
   *Info:   C
2. 2 KINGS 2:1-25    Re-Start    -15
1991-05-29  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 2:1-25

The translation of Elijah.
The Spirit who was upon Elijah comes upon Elisha.
Elisha`s faith to use the power.
The knowledge of the theologocal students, and their total lack of faith.
Elisha`s second miracle.
Irreverence cursed.
   *Info:   C
3. 2 KINGS 3:1-27    Re-Start    -15
1991-06-05  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 3:1-27

Accession of Jehoram over Israel.
Moab rebels against Israel.
Elisha reproves the alliance of Jehoshaphat with Jehoram.
Elisha`s promise of water and victory.
Defeat of the Moabites.
   *Info:   C
4. 2 KINGS 4:1-44    Re-Start    -15
1991-06-12  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 4:1-44

The increase of the widow`s oil.
The "great woman" of Shunem and her reward.
Elisha restores life to the son of the Shunammite.
Elisha heals the noxious pottage.
Elisha feeds an hundred men miraculously.
   *Info:   C
5. 2 KINGS 5:1-27    Re-Start    -15
1991-06-19  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 5:1-27

The healing of Naaman.
Gehazi`s sin and it`s penalty.
   *Info:   C
6. 2 KINGS 6:1-33    Re-Start    -15
1991-06-26  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 6:1-33

Elisha recovers the lost axe.
Elisha reveals Ben-hadad`s plans.
Elisha at Dothan.
Elisha leads the blinded Syrians to Samaria.The Syrian siege of Samaria.
The king`s messenger of vengeance and the untroubled prophet.
   *Info:   M
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7. 2 KINGS 7:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1991-07-03  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 7:1-20

Elisha`s promise of food and Jehovah`s terror upon the Syrians.
Elisha`s promise fullfilled.
   *Info:   C
8. 2 KINGS 8:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1991-07-10  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 8:1-29

Elisha predicts the seven years` famine.
Jehoram restores the Shunammites`s land.
Elisha predicts Hazael`s reighn over Syria.
Jehoram co-king with his father Jehoshaphat.
The revolt of Edom.
The revolt of Libnah.
Death of Jehoram.
Accession of Ahaziah over Judah.
Ahaziah joins Jehoram in defense of Ramoth-gilead.
Ahaziah visits Jehoram at Jezreel.
   *Info:   C
9. 2 KINGS 9:1-37    Re-Start    -15
1991-07-17  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 9:1-37

Jehu anointed king over Israel at Ramoth-gilead.
Jehu proclaimed king by the army of Israel.
Jehu slays Jehoram.
Ahhaziah slain.
The slaying of Jezebel.
   *Info:   C
10. 2 KINGS 10:1-36    Re-Start    -15
1991-07-31  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 10:1-36

Judgement on the house of Ahab. The princes of Judah slain. Jehu spares Jehonadab. Jehu exterminates Ball worship in Israel. Four generations promised to Jehu. Power of Israel diminished. Death of Jehu: accession of Jehoahaz over Israel.
   *Info:   C
11. 2 KINGS 11:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1991-08-07  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 11:1-21

The seed royal of Judah destroyed, save Joash.
Joash becomes king over Judah.
Execution of Athaliah.
The revival through Jehoiada.
   *Info:   C
12. 2 KINGS 12:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1991-08-21  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 12:1-21

The reign of Jehoash (Joash).
The faithless priest.
The temple repaired.
The Syrians take Gath: Jehoash ransoms Jerusalem by despoiling the temple.
Death of Joash: accession of Amaziah.
   *Info:   C
13. 2 KINGS 13:1-25    Re-Start    -15
1991-08-28  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 13:1-25

The reign of Jehoahaz over Israel.
Jehoahz repents, but suffers the grove in Samaria.
Death of Jehoahaz.
Accession of Jehoash over Israel.
Death of Jehoash.
Ilness of Elisha: visit of Joash.
The scant faith of Joash.
Death of Elisha: the miracle at his tomb.
   *Info:   C
14. 2 KINGS 14:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1991-09-18  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 14:1-29

The reign of Amaziah over Judah.
War between Israel and Judah.
Jeroboam succeeds Jehoash as king of Israel.
Death of Amaziah.
Azariah succeds Amaziah as king of Judah.
Reign of Jeroboam II. over Israel.
Death of Jeroboam II.: Accession of Zachariah king over Israel.
   *Info:   C
15. 2 KINGS 15:1-38    Re-Start    -15
1991-10-16  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 15:1-38

Reign of Azariah (Uzziah) over Judah.
Death of Azariah (Uzziah): accession of Jotham.
Reign of Zachariah over Israel.
Detah of Zachariah: accession of Shallum over Israel.
Reign of Shallum: his death.
Reign of Menahem over Israel.
An Assyrian invasion of Israel.
Death of Menahem: accession of Pekahiah over Israel.
Death of Pekahiah: accession of Pekah over Israel.
Reign of Pekah over Israel: his death.
Reign of Jotham over Judah.
   *Info:   C
16. 2 KINGS 16:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1991-10-23  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 16:1-20

Reign of Ahaz over Judhah.
Invasion of Judah by Syria and Israel.
Ahaz seeks the assitance of Assyria.
The Assyrians tke Damascus.
Death of Ahaz: accession of Hezekiah.
   *Info:   C
17. 2 KINGS 17:1-41    Re-Start    -15
1991-10-30  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 17:1-41

Reign of Hoshea over Israel.
Israel becomes tributary to Assyria.
Israel (the ten tribes) carried away into Assyriah.
The sinsfor which Israel was carried into captivity.
The king of Assyria repeoples the cities of Israel.
   *Info:   C
18. 2 KINGS 18:1-37    Re-Start    -15
1991-11-06  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 18:1-37

Reign of Hezekiah over Judah.
Revival under Hezekiah.
Hezekiah victorious overm the Philistines.
Sennacherib invades Judah.
Sennacherib seeks to terrify the defenders of Jeruslem.
The Jewish answer to Rab-shakeh`s tjreats.
Rab-shakeh`s further insolence.
   *Info:   C
19. 2 KINGS 19:1-37    Re-Start    -15
1991-11-13  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 19:1-37

Hezekiah`s message to Isaiah.
Isaiah`s answer.
Sennacherib defies the God of Hezekiah.
Hezekiah`s prayer.
Jehovah`s answer through Isaiah.
Jehovah destroys the Assyrian army.
Death of Sennacherib.
   *Info:   T
20. 2 KINGS 20:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1991-11-20  WED     Outline   Subject(s)2 KINGS 20:1-21

Hezekiah`s illness and recovery.
Hezekiah imprudently exposes his treasures to men of Babylon.
Death of Hezekiah.
   *Info:   C
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