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The Fifth Book of Moses Called DEUTERONOMY.
Jesus is seen as: The Prophet as Unto Moses
-Bible Study Info-DEUTERONOMY consists of the parting counsels of Moses delivered to Israel in view of their impending entrance upon their covenanted possession. It contains a summary of the wilderness wanderings of Israel, which is important as unfolding the moral judgment of God upon those events; repeats the Decalogue to a generation which had grown up in the wilderness; gives needed instruction as to the conduct of Israel in the land, and contains the Palestinian Covenant (30. 1—9). The book breathes the sternness of the Law. Key-words, “Thou shalt”; key-verses, 11. 26—28.

It is important to note that, while the land of promise was unconditionally given to Abraham and to his seed in the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen. 13. 15; 15. 7), it was under the conditional Palestinian Covenant (Deut. 28.—30. 9) that Israel entered the land under Joshua. Utterly violating the conditions of that covenant, the nation was first disrupted (1 Ki. 12.) and then cast out of the land (2 Ki. 17. 1—18; 24. 1—~25. 11). But the same covenant unconditionally promises a national restoration of Israel which is yet to be fulfilled (Gen. 15. 18, note).

Deuteronomy is in seven divisions:
1. Summary of the history of Israel in the wilderness, 1. 1—3. 29.
2. A restatement of the Law, with warnings and exhortations, 4. 1—11. 32.
3. Instructions, warnings, and predictions, 12. 1—27. 26.
4. The great closing prophecies summarizing the history of Israel to the second coming of Christ, and containing the Palestinian Covenant, 28. 1—30. 20.
5. Last counsels to Priests, Levites, and to Joshua, 31. VI. The Song of Moses and his parting blessings, 32., 33. VII. The death of Moses, 34.

The time covered by this retrospect is approximately forty years.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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1. DEUTERONOMY 1:1-46    Re-Start    -15
1983-06-12  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 1:1-46

The failure at Kadesh-barnes.
   *Info:   T
2. DEUTERONOMY 2:1-37    Re-Start    -15
1983-06-19  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 2:1-37

The wanderings and conflicts of the wilderness.
3. DEUTERONOMY 3:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1983-06-26  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 3:1-29

The wanderings and conflicts of the wilderness.(Cont).
   *Info:   D
4. DEUTERONOMY 4:1-40    Re-Start    -15
1983-07-03  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 4:1-40

The new generations taught the lessons of Sinai.
Three of the cities of refuge designated.
   *Info:   M D
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5. DEUTERONOMY 4:41-5:33    Re-Start    -15
1983-07-17  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 4:41-5:33

The new generations taught the Mosaic covenant.
6. DEUTERONOMY 6:1-25    Re-Start    -15
1983-07-24  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 6:1-25

The new generations taught the Mosaic covenant.(Cont).
The `great commandment`.
Instruction and warning.
7. DEUTERONOMY 7:1-26    Re-Start    -15
1983-08-14  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 7:1-26

The command to be separate.
The promise of victory.
   *Info:   D
8. DEUTERONOMY 8:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1983-08-28  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 8:1-20

Warnings and exhortations.
   *Info:   M D
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9. DEUTERONOMY 9:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1983-09-04  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 9:1-29

Warnings and exhortations.(Cont).
   *Info:   M D
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10. DEUTERONOMY 10:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1983-09-11  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 10:1-22

Warnings and exhortations.(Cont).
11. DEUTERONOMY 11:1-32    Re-Start    -15
1983-09-25  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 11:1-32

Warnings and exhortations.(Cont).
12. DEUTERONOMY 12:1-32    Re-Start    -15
1983-10-02  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 12:1-32

Conditions of blessing in the land.
   *Info:   D
13. DEUTERONOMY 13:1-18    Re-Start    -15
1983-10-09  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 13:1-18

The test of false prophets.
   *Info:   D T
14. DEUTERONOMY 14:1-29    Re-Start    -15
1983-10-23  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 14:1-29

The test of false prophets.
The dietary laws.
15. DEUTERONOMY 15:1-23    Re-Start    -15
1983-10-30  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 15:1-23

The sabbatic year.
The perpetual servant.
   *Info:   M D
Sorry, Not Available
16. DEUTERONOMY 16:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1983-11-06  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 16:1-22

The Passover.
The feast of Weeks.
The feast of Tabernacles.
The gifts of the males.
Judges in the gates.
   *Info:   M
Sorry, Not Available
17. DEUTERONOMY 17:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1983-11-13  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 17:1-20

Offerings must be unblemished.
Idolaters to be stoned.
Obedience to authority.
Concerning a king.
   *Info:   T
18. DEUTERONOMY 18:1-22    Re-Start    -15
1983-12-04  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 18:1-22

The tribe of Levi.
The priest`s due.
Idolatrous practices forbidden.
The great prophecy of Messiah the Prophet.
The test of the prophets.
   *Info:   T
19. DEUTERONOMY 19:1-21    Re-Start    -15
1983-12-11  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 19:1-21

Cities of refuge.
The terror of the law.
20. DEUTERONOMY 20:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1983-12-25  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)DEUTERONOMY 20:1-20

The law of warfare.
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