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9 Bible Studies for:  EZRA
1. EZRA 1:1-11
1990-08-15  WED  35:21   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 1:1-11

Decree of Cyrus for the restoration of the temple.
Preparation for the return of the remnant.
    *Info:   C
2. EZRA 2:1-3:13
1990-08-22  WED  38:52   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 2:1-3:13

The returning remnant: (1) the people.
The returning remnant: (2) the priest.
The returning remnant: (3) the Levites.
The returning remnant: (4) descendants of Solomon`s servants.
The returning remnant: (5) priests whose pedigrees were lost.
The returning remnant: (6) the toatle number.
The returning remnant: (7) their substance and gifts.
The alter is set up.
The ancient worship established.
Temple foundations laid in mingled joy and mourning.
    *Info:   C
3. EZRA 4:1-24
1990-08-29  WED  38:52   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 4:1-24

Adversaries seek to hinder the work.
The adversaries` letter to Artaxerxes.
Decree of Artaxerxes.
The work suspended.
    *Info:   C
4. EZRA 5:1-17
1990-09-05  WED  38:21   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 5:1-17

The prophets encourage the prince and the priest: work begun again.
The adversaries` letter to Darius.
    *Info:   C
5. EZRA 6:1-22
1990-09-26  WED  38:21   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 6:1-22

Darius confirms the decree of Cyrus.
The restoration temple finished and dedicated.
The passover restored.
    *Info:   C
6. EZRA 7:1-28
1990-10-03  WED  33:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 7:1-28

The expedition of Ezra: his decent and companions.
Decree of Artaxerxes in Ezra`s behalf.
Ezra`s thanksgiving.
    *Info:   C
7. EZRA 8:1-36
1990-10-10  WED  31:44   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 8:1-36

List of Ezra`s Companions.
Ezra sends for Levitesand Nethinims.
The fast at the river Ahava.
The treasure committed to twelve priest.
The arrival of Ezra at Jerusalem.
The treasure is brought into the temple.
The king`s decree delivered to the governors.
    *Info:   C
8. EZRA 9:1-15
1990-10-17  WED  35:49   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 9:1-15

The remnant loses its separated position.
The prayer and confession of Ezra.
    *Info:   C
9. EZRA 10:1-44
1990-10-24  WED  32:50   -15       Outline    Subject(s)EZRA 10:1-44

Separation restored.
    *Info:   C
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