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The General Epistle of JAMES.
-Study Info-WRITER James Cmt. on Mt 4:21, called "the Just" mentioned by Paul with Cephas and John as "pillars" in the church at Jerusalem Ga 2:9. He seems to have been, as a religious man, austere, legal, ceremonial Ac 21:18-24.

DATE Tradition fixes the martyrdom of James in the year 62, but his Epistle shows no trace of the larger revelations concerning the church and the distinctive doctrines of grace made through the Apostle Paul, nor even of the discussion concerning the relation of Gentile converts to the law of Moses, which culminated in the first council (Ac 15.), over which James presided. This presumes the very early date of James, which may confidently be set down as "the first Epistle to Christians."--Weston.

THEME By "the twelve tribes scattered abroad" we are to understand, not Jews, but Christian Jews of the Dispersion. The church began with such Ac 2:5-11 and James, who seems not to have left Jerusalem, would feel a particular pastoral responsibility for these scattered sheep. They still resorted to the synagogues, or called their own assemblies by that name Jas 2:2, where "assembly" is "synagogue" in the Gr.). It appears from Jas 2:1-8 that they still held the synagogue courts for the trial of causes arising amongst themselves. The Epistle, then, is elementary in the extreme. To suppose that Jas 2:14-26 is a polemic against Paul's doctrine of justification is absurd. Neither Galatians nor Romans was yet written.

James' theme, then, is "religion" (Gr., threskeia, "outward religious service") as the expression and proof of faith. He does not exalt works as against faith, but faith as producing works. His style is that of the Wisdom-books of the O.T.

The divisions are five:
1. The testing of faith 1.1-2.26
2. The reality of faith tested by the tongue, 3.1-18
3. The rebuke of worldliness, 4.1-17
4. The rich warned.
5. Hortatory.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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1. JAMES 1:1-12
01-06-1991  S-A.M.  40:52   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 1:1-12

Part 1. The testing of faith.
1. The purpose of testing.
       Info: C
2. JAMES 1:13-21
01-20-1991  S-A.M.  40:35   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 1:13-21

Part 1. The testing of faith.(Cont).
2. Solicitation to do evil is not from God.
       Info: C
3. JAMES 1:22-27
01-27-1991  S-A.M.  37:02   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 1:22-27

Part 1. The testing of faith.(Cont).
3. The test of obedience.
4. The test of true religion.
       Info: C
4. JAMES 2:1-13
02-03-1991  S-A.M.  37:50   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 2:1-13

Part 1. The testing of faith.(Cont).
5. The test of brotherly love.
       Info: C
5. JAMES 2:14-26
02-10-1991  S-A.M.  38:40   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 2:14-26

Part 1. The testing of faith.(Cont).
6. The test of good works.
7. The illustration of Abraham.
       Info: C
6. JAMES 3:1-18
11-13-1983  S-A.M.  43:33   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 3:1-18

Part 2. A true faith will control the tongue.
       Info: D
7. JAMES 4:1-17
02-24-1991  S-A.M.  49.07   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 4:1-17

Part 3. The rebuke of worldliness.
       Info: C
8. JAMES 5:1-12
03-03-1991  S-A.M.  40:31   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 5:1-12

Part 4. The rich warned.
Part 5. Exhortation in view of the coming of the Lord.
       Info: C
9. JAMES 5:13-20
03-10-1991  S-A.M.  41:07   -15
OutlineSubject(s)JAMES 5:13-20

Part 5. Exhortation in view of the coming of the Lord.(Cont).
       Info: C
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