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The Gospel According to LUKE.
Jesus is seen as: The Son of Man
-Bible Study Info-WRITER. The writer of the third Gospel is called by Paul "the beloved physician" Col 4:14 and, as we learn from the Acts, was Paul's frequent companion. He was of Jewish ancestry, but his correct Greek marks him as a Jew of the dispersion. Tradition says that he was a Jew of Antioch, as Paul was of Tarsus.

DATE. The date of Luke falls between A.D. 63 and 68.

THEME. Luke is the Gospel of the human-divine One, as John is of the divine-human One. The key-phrase is "Son of man," and the key-verse Lu 19:10. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." In harmony with this intent, Luke relates those things concerning Jesus which demonstrate how entirely human He was. His genealogy is traced to Adam, and the most detailed account is given of His mother, and of His infancy and boyhood. The parables peculiar to Luke have distinctively the human and the seeking note. But Luke is careful to guard the Deity and Kingship of Jesus Christ Lu 1:32-35. Luke, then, is the Gospel of "the man whose name is The BRANCH" Zec 6:12.

Luke has seven chief divisions:
1. The Evangelist's Introduction, 1.1-4.
2. The human relationships of Jesus, 1.5-2.52.
3. The baptism, ancestry, and testing of Jesus, 3.1-4.13.
4. The ministry of the Son of man as Prophet-King in Galilee, 4.14-9.50.
5. The journey of the Son of from Galilee to Jerusalem, 9. 51-19.44.
6. The final offer of the Son of man as King to israel, His rejection and sacrifice, 19.45-23.56.
7. The resurrection, resurrection ministry, and ascension of the Son of man, 24.1-53.

The events recorded in this book cover a period of 39 years.

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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1. LUKE 1:1-4    Re-Start    -15
1993-01-17  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 1:1-4

   *Info:   C
2. LUKE 1:5-25    Re-Start    -15
1993-01-24  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 1:5-25

The birth of John the Baptist foretold.
   *Info:   C
3. LUKE 1:26-38    Re-Start    -15
1993-01-31  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 1:26-38

The annunciation.
   *Info:   C
4. LUKE 1:39-56    Re-Start    -15
1993-02-07  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 1:39-56

Mary visits Elizabeth.
The Magnificat.
   *Info:   C
5. LUKE 1:57-80    Re-Start    -15
1993-02-14  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 1:57-80

The birth of John the Baptist.
   *Info:   C
6. LUKE 2:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1993-02-21  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 2:1-20

The birth of Jesus.
Adoration of the shepherds.
   *Info:   C
7. LUKE 2:21-38    Re-Start    -15
1993-03-07  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 2:21-38

Circumcision of Jesus.
Adoration and prophecy of Simeon.
Adoration of Anna.
   *Info:   C
8. LUKE 2:39-52    Re-Start    -15
1993-03-14  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 2:39-52

Return to Nazareth: the silent years.
Jesus and His parents at the Passover.
   *Info:   C
9. LUKE 3:1-14    Re-Start    -15
1993-03-21  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 3:1-14

The ministry of John the Baptist.
   *Info:   C
10. LUKE 3:15-38    Re-Start    -15
1993-03-28  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 3:15-38

The ministry of John the Baptist.(Cont).
The baptism of Jesus.
The genealogy of Mary, mother of Jesus.
   *Info:   C
11. LUKE 4:1-13    Re-Start    -15
1993-04-04  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 4:1-13

The temptation of Christ.
   *Info:   C D
12. LUKE 4:14-30    Re-Start    -15
1993-04-18  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 4:14-30

Jesus returns to Galilee.
Jesus in the synagogue at Nazareth.
   *Info:   C
13. LUKE 4:31-37    Re-Start    -15
1993-05-02  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 4:31-37

Jesus goes to Capernaum, and casts out demons.
   *Info:   C
14. LUKE 4:38-44    Re-Start    -15
1993-05-09  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 4:38-44

Jesus heals Peter`s Wife`s mother, and many others.
Also `Today`s false doctrines exposed.`
   *Info:   C
15. LUKE 5:1-11    Re-Start    -15
1993-05-16  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 5:1-11

The miraculous draught of fishes.
   *Info:   C
16. LUKE 5:12-15    Re-Start    -15
1993-05-23  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 5:12-15

Jesus heals a leper.
   *Info:   C D
17. LUKE 5:16-26    Re-Start    -15
1993-05-30  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 5:16-26

Jesus heals a leper.(Cont).
A paralytic healed.
   *Info:   C
18. LUKE 5:27-39    Re-Start    -15
1993-06-06  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 5:27-39

The call of Matthew.
Jesus answers the scribes and Pharisees.
Parables of the garment and bottles.
   *Info:   C
19. LUKE 6:1-5    Re-Start    -15
1993-06-27  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 6:1-5

Jesus and the Sabbath.
   *Info:   C
20. LUKE 6:6-12    Re-Start    -15
1993-07-04  S-A.M.     Outline   Subject(s)LUKE 6:6-12

The withered hand healed.
The twelve chosen.
   *Info:   C
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