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The Book of MICAH.
Jesus is seen as: The Messenger of Beautiful Feet
-Bible Study Info-Micah, a contemporary of Isaiah, prophesied during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah over Judah, and of Pekahiah, Pekah, and Hoshea over Israel 2Ki 15:23-30; 17:1-6. He was a prophet in Judah Jer 26:17-19 but the book called by his name chiefly concerns Samaria.

Micah falls into three prophetic strains, each beginning, "Hear":
1. 1.1-2.13
2. 3.1-5.15
3. 6.1-7.20

The events recorded Micah cover a period of 40 years (Ussher).

Ref: The Scofield Reference Bible.

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7 Bible Studies for:  MICAH
1. MICAH 1:1-16    Re-Start    -15
1987-04-12  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 1:1-16

Part 1: 1. The case of Jehovah against the `house of Israel`.
   *Info:   T
2. MICAH 2:1-13    Re-Start    -15
1987-04-19  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 2:1-13

Part 1: 1. The case of Jehovah against the `house of Israel`.(Cont).
2. The Promise to the remnant.
   *Info:   T
3. MICAH 3:1-12    Re-Start    -15
1987-04-26  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 3:1-12

Part 2: 1. The coming judgment of the captivities.
   *Info:   T
4. MICAH 4:1-13    Re-Start    -15
1987-05-03  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 4:1-13

Part 2: 2.Then future kingdom of Messiah:.
A. The kingdom to be supreme.
B. The kingdom to be universal.
C. The kingdom to be peaceful.
D. The kingdom to be secure universal prosperity.
E. Israel to be regathered.
F. The intervening Babybalonian captivity.
G. How the kingdom is setup: the gathering of the Gentile nations against Jersusalem, and the batttle of Armageddon.
   *Info:   T
5. MICAH 5:1-15    Re-Start    -15
1987-05-10  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 5:1-15

Parenthesis: the birth and rejection of the King.
Interval between the rejection and return of the King. End Parenthesis.
The kingdom-age.
6. MICAH 6:1-16    Re-Start    -15
1987-05-17  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 6:1-16

Part 3: 1.The LORD`S past and present controversy with Israel.
   *Info:   T
7. MICAH 7:1-20    Re-Start    -15
1987-05-24  S-P.M.     Outline   Subject(s)MICAH 7:1-20

Part 3: 1.The LORD`S past and present controversy with Israel.(Cont).
2. The voice of the remnant in the last days.
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