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12 Bible Studies for:  NEHEMIAH
1. NEHEMIAH 1:1-11
1990-07-01  S-P.M.  46:17   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 1:1-11

Nehemiah learns of the distress of the remnant in Jerusalem.
Nehemiah`s prayer.
    *Info:   C
2. NEHEMIAH 2:1-20
1990-07-08  S-P.M.  46:39   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 2:1-20

Artaxerxes sends Nehemiah to Jersusalem.
Nehemiah views the ruined walss.
Nehemiah encourages the people to build the walls.
    *Info:   C
3. NEHEMIAH 3:1-32
1990-07-15  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 3:1-32

The builders of the wall.
    *Info:   M D
Not Available
4. NEHEMIAH 4:1-23
1990-07-22  S-P.M.  54:50   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 4:1-23

Opposition by ridicule.
Nehemiah answers by prayer.
Opposition by anger: the resource of prayer.
Opposition by discouraged brotheren: the resource of faith.
New Age Update
    *Info:   C
5. NEHEMIAH 5:1-19
1990-07-29  S-P.M.  44:31   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 5:1-19

Opposition by greed and heartlessness: the resource of restitution.
Nehemiah`s example of unselfishness.
    *Info:   C
6. NEHEMIAH 6:1-19
1990-08-05  S-P.M.  45:26   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 6:1-19

Opposition by craft:: the resource of manly firmness.
The wall is finished.
    *Info:   C
7. NEHEMIAH 7:1-73
1990-08-19  S-P.M.  41:40   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 7:1-73

Jerusalem given in charge to Hanani and Hananiah.
Register of the genealogy of the first remnant: the people.
Register of the priests of the remnant:.
Register of the Levites of the remnant:.
Register of the Nethinims of the remnant:.
Register of the children of Solomon`s servants.
Register of the priests without pedigree.
Total number of the remnant.
Their substance and gifts.
    *Info:   C
8. NEHEMIAH 8:1-18
1990-09-02  S-P.M.  50:32   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 8:1-18

The law read and explained.
Feast of tabernacles restored.
    *Info:   C
9. NEHEMIAH 9:1-38
1990-09-09  S-P.M.  47:40   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 9:1-38

The people fast and repent.
Confession of the priests and Levites.
    *Info:   C
10. NEHEMIAH 10:1-39
1990-09-23  S-P.M.  46:14   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 10:1-39

The covenant singers: the covenant.
    *Info:   C
11. NEHEMIAH 11:1-12:47
1990-09-30  S-P.M.  41:53   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 11:1-12:47

The dwellers at Jerusalem.
The dwellers in the other cities.
The priest and Levites who went up with Zerubbable.
Decent of the priests.
The chief Levites.
The dedication of the walls.
Restoration of the temple order.
    *Info:   C
12. NEHEMIAH 13:1-31
1990-10-07  S-P.M.  00:00   -15       Outline    Subject(s)NEHEMIAH 13:1-31

The law, and separation.
Cleansing of the temple.
Nehemiah`s second visit to Jerusalem.
The order of God`s house.
Violation of the Sabbath rest.
Intermarriage with other races rebuked.
    *Info:   M D
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