Christ’s Life Events

EVENTS LISTED: 361 - 392
  361Nicodemus and Joseph prepare the body19:39-40
  362Body placed in new garden tomb27:59-6015:4623:5319:41-42
  363Two Mary's watch the burial27:6115:4723:54-55
  364Roman soldiers guard the tomb27:62-66
  365Two Mary's prepare spices and then rest23:56
  366Angel rolls stone28:2-4
  367Women bring spices to tomb at dawn28:116:1-424:1-320:1
  368Angels appear to women28:5-716:5-724:4-8
  369Women run to tell disciples28:816:824:9-1120:2
  370Peter and John inspect the empty tomb24:1220:3-9
  371Peter and John go home24:1220:10
  372Mary Magdalene stands weeping20:11
  373Mary sees two angels20:12-13
  374Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene16:920:14-17
  375Jesus appears to other women28:9-10
  376Women report to the disciples16:10-1120:18
  377Guards report to the priests28:11-15
  378Jesus meets 2 on road to Emmaus16:12-1324:13-32
  379Jesus appears to Simon Peter24:341 Corinthians 15:5
  380Two report to disciples in Jerusalem24:33-35
  381Jesus appears to disciples without Thomas24:36-4620:19-24
  382Disciples report to Thomas20:25
  383Jesus appears to disciples and Thomas16:1420:26-29
  384Jesus appears to seven by the sea21:1-14
  385Jesus questions Peter 3 times21:15-23
  386Jesus appears to 500 bretheren1 Corinthians 15:6
  387Jesus appears to James1 Corinthians 15:7
  388Jesus commissions the apostles28:16-2016:15-1824:44-49
  389Jesus is received into Heaven16:19-2024:50-53
  390John's first testimony20:30-31
  391John's second testimony21:24-25
  392Luke summarizes the 40 day appearancesActs 1:4-11
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