Christ’s Life Events

EVENTS LISTED: 121 - 160
  121Feast of Booths at hand7:2
  122Brothers advise Jesus to go to Judea7:3-8
  123Jesus stays in Galilee7:9
  124Jesus sets his face to go to Jerusalem9:517:10
  125Messengers sent to Samaria to prepare way9:52-53
  126James and John rebuked for attitude9:54-56
  127Unfit followers8:19-229:57-62
  128People afraid to speak publicly of Jesus7:11-13
  129Jesus in the temple mid-feast7:14-15
  130Jesus says some seek to kill him7:16-19
  131Defense for healing on Sabbath7:20-24
  132Jesus cries out in the temple7:25-30
  133Multitudes amazed at Signs7:31
  134Pharisees seek to sieze Jesus7:32-36
  135Last day of Feast7:37
  136Rivers of living water7:37-39
  137Division among the people7:40-44
  138Pharisees question officers7:45-47
  139Judgement of Nicodemus7:48-53
  140Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives8:1
  141Teaches at temple in the morning8:2
  142Adulterous woman brought to Jesus8:3-11
  143Light of the world8:12-20
  144Sent by the Father8:21-30
  145Temple debate about father Abraham8:31-59
  146Jesus leaves the temple8:59
  147Jesus heals a man born blind9:1-7
  148Neighbors question the former blind man9:8-12
  149Pharisees question man's parents9:13-34
  150Jesus finds the man9:35-39
  151Pharisees ask if they are blind9:40-10:6
  152Jesus explains he is the Good Shepherd10:7-18
  153Division among the Jews10:19-21
  154Seventy sent out10:1-16
  155Seventy return10:17-20
  156Jesus rejoices10:21-22
  157Jesus privately blesses the 1210:23-24
  158Lawyer tests Jesus10:25-28
  159Parable of the Good Samaritan10:29-37
  160Martha prepares whild Mary listens10:38-42
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