Christ’s Life Events

EVENTS LISTED: 161 - 200
  161Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray11:1-13
  162Blasphemy and teachings on demons11:14-26
  163A woman blesses Mary11:27-28
  164Sign of Jonah11:29-32
  165The lamp of the body11:33-36
  166Lunch with a Pharisee11:37
  167Jesus does not wash his hands11:38
  168Jesus pronounces woes on the Pharisees11:39-44
  169Jesus pronounces woes on the Lawyers11:45-52
  170Jesus leaves, and they plot against him.11:53-54
  171Jesus teaches a great crowd12:1-12
  172Jesus warns against greed12:13-15
  173Parables about being ready12:16-40
  174Peter's question12:41
  175More parables12:42-59
  176Fate of Galileans reported to Jesus13:1-5
  177Parable of the fig tree13:6-9
  178Woman healed on the Sabbath13:10-13
  179Synagogue official opposes Jesus13:14-17
  180Parables of mustard seed and leaven13:18-21
  181Feast of Dedication in the temple10:22-23
  182Jews confront Christ10:24-39
  183Jesus goes to Aenon near Salim10:40-42
  184Jesus travels toward Jerusalem13:22
  185How many will be saved?13:23-30
  186Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod13:31-35
  187In a Pharisee's house on the Sabbath14:1
  188Man with dropsy healed14:2-6
  189Parable of the guests14:7-11
  190Parable to the host of the feast14:12-14
  191Parable of the dinner14:15-24
  192Great multitudes travel with Jesus14:25
  193The cost of discipleship14:25-35
  194Eats with tax collectors and sinners15:1-2
  195Lost sheep, coin, and son15:3-32
  196Parable of the unrighteous steward16:1-13
  197Pharisees scoff. Teaching on divorce.16:14-18
  198The rich man and Lazarus16:19-31
  199Jesus instructs disciples17:1-10
  200Lazarus of Bethany reported sick11:1-6
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