Christ’s Life Events

EVENTS LISTED: 281 - 320
  281Jesus predicts his betrayal26:21-2514:18-2122:21-2313:21-26
  282Judas leaves13:27-30
  283A new commandment13:31-35
  284Dispute about the greatest disciple22:24-30
  285Jesus predicts the disciples' denial26:31-3214:27-28
  286Jesus tells Simon he prayed for him22:31-32
  287Jesus predicts Peter's denials26:33-3514:29-3122:33-3413:36-38
  288Jesus warns the disciples to be prepared22:35-38
  289Jesus comforts the disciples14:1-4
  290Jesus responds to Thomas14:5-7
  291Jesus responds to Philip14:8-21
  292Jesus responds to Judas not Iscariot14:22-31
  293They sing a hymn and leave26:3014:2614:31
  294The farewell discourse15:1-16:33
  295Jesus prays for his disciples17:1-26
  296The fellowship enters Gethsemane26:3614:3222:39-4018:1
  297Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane26:36-4614:32-4222:40-46
  298Mob comes to arrest Jesus26:4714:4318:2-3
  299Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss26:48-5014:44-4522:47-48
  300Jesus answers the mob with authority18:4-9
  301Peter severs the ear of Malchus26:50-5414:46-4722:49-5018:10-11
  302Jesus heals the high priest's servant22:51
  303Jesus is arrested. The disciples flee.26:55-5614:48-5222:52-5418:12
  304Jesus lead to high priest's house26:5714:5322:5418:13-14
  305Peter follows at a distance26:5814:5422:5418:15-16
  306Peter's 1st denial - doorkeeping girl26:69-7014:66-6822:55-5718:17-18
  307Annas questions Jesus18:19-24
  308Peter's 2nd denial - by the fire26:71-7214:69-7022:5818:25
  309Peter's 3rd denial - relative of Malchus26:73-7514:70-7222:59-6218:26-27
  310Guards beat Jesus22:63-65
  311False witnesses testify26:59-6114:55-59
  312Caiaphas condemns Jesus26:62-6614:60-6422:66-71
  313Sanhedrin beats Jesus26:67-6814:65
  314Jesus lead from Caiaphas to Praetorium18:28
  315Remorse of Judas27:1-10Acts 1:16-20
  316Jesus before Pilate27:1-1423:1-718:29-38
  317Jesus before Herod23:8-10
  318Herod's soldiers mock Jesus15:1-523:11-12
  319Pilate releases Barabbas27:15-2615:6-1523:13-2518:38-40
  320Pilate's soldiers crown and mock Jesus27:27-3015:16-2019:1-3
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