Christ’s Life Events

EVENTS LISTED: 321 - 360
  321Pilate tries to release Jesus19:4-7
  322Pilate questions Jesus again19:8-11
  323Pilate tries to release Jesus again19:12
  324Pilate sentences Jesus19:13-15
  325Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified19:16
  326Jesus carries the cross19:17
  327Simon of Cyrene bears the cross27:31-3215:20-2123:26
  328Jesus speaks to weeping women23:27-32
  329Jesus is brought to Golgotha27:3315:2223:32-3319:17
  330Soldiers offer Jesus sour wine mix27:3415:23
  331He is crucified on the 3rd hour15:25
  3322 robbers are crucified with Jesus27:3815:27-2823:3319:18
  333Inscription written by Pilate27:3715:2623:3819:19-22
  334Forgive them...23:34
  335Soldiers divide the garments of Jesus27:35-3615:2423:3419:23-24
  336Behold your mother.19:25-27
  337Multitudes mock Jesus27:39-4315:29-3223:35-37
  338Robbers mock Jesus27:4415:3223:39
  339One robber rebukes the other23:40-41 will be with me in Paradise.23:43
  341Darkness from 6th to 9th hour27:4515:3323:44-45
  342Eloi, Eloi, Lamma, Sabachthani27:4615:34
  343I thirst.19:28
  344Jesus is offered sour wine on a reed.27:47-4915:35-3619:29-30
  345It is finished.19:30
  346Jesus cries out27:5015:3723:46
  347Into Thy hands I commit my spirit.23:46
  348Jesus bows his head and dies27:5015:3723:4619:30
  349Temple veil torn from top to bottom27:5115:3823:45
  351Saints rise, after Christ's resurrection27:52-53
  352Centurion glorifies God27:5415:3923:47
  353Multitude leaves grieving23:48
  354Women watch from a distance27:55-5615:40-4123:49
  355Request that legs be broken19:31-32
  356Soldier pierces Jesus' side19:33-34
  357Fulfilment of prophecy19:35-37
  358Joseph requests body from Pilate27:57-5815:42-4323:50-5219:38
  359Centurion reports that Jesus is dead15:44-45
  360Joseph takes the body15:4519:38
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