Hallelujah is the same in any language and it means to call for or command – “Praise Ye The Lord”. We are praising the Lord God almighty for all things because He is worthy. And, we have several things to especially give thanks and praise for that we want to share.

First, we have finished digitizing and uploading the Book of Psalms which contains 150 Psalms. There are 171 Bible studies which took Pastor Hal Lee over 4 years to teach. I decided to save the Book of Psalms for last. One it was the largest study, and two, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. I was very wrong, and I strongly recommend that everyone go through these studies.

Second, after 20 years of converting the cassette tapes to a digital format, we have completed all the Bible studies (over 1700 studies) and have them available online for study.

Third, as we have completed our task we are also celebrating the 40th anniversary of Glencoe Baptist Church becoming a church on 04-19-1981 from the previous status of Glencoe Baptist Mission. (See MISC 4:0-0 on the Miscellaneous Studies)