Book Marker Added!

Just a Reminder!

After three days of hacking code I was able to add a Book Marker function to help you remember were you were last. Clicking on the Bible Study name sets the Book Marker and when you click on the Bible Study menu it will return you to that Bible Book. Also, when you play an audio that Bible Study name is also saved. You can find this info under the drop down bible study menus. Refreshing the page shows the updated info.

Praise the Lord!

Bible Study!

All the files that where available before from the old website have been converted to .mp3 and uploaded. We still have work to do to digitally convert the old cassette tapes. You will notice that some studies in the drop down menus are disabled, indicating they are not available yet. Please drop us a comment or send us a message if you find the new site helpful or you find an error. Thank you for your help.

We’re Under Re-Construction!


Today we uploaded the first of our new site. The Old Testament and Special Study files have been converted and up loaded. We hope to have the New Testament studies uploaded by the end of the week. Some of the Web Pages still have to be finished, but all of the audio content should be coming online –  less any books that have not yet been completed. Thanks for your understanding.

We’re Getting A New Look!

We are in the process of a complete website makeover.

Since we began in 01-01-2002 much has changed in the web and mobile world. At that time, the big names in the media world were RealAudio and Windows Media. The mobile world consisted of bag phones and flip phones and desktops were the staple of the media world. Since that time, MP3 has become a leader on the audio media stage and laptops, smart phones, and tablets are king.

We have redesigned our site to be more mobile friendly and converted our audio files to the MP3 format. Thanks for studying the Bible with Hal Lee Ministries.