Tips & Tools

Making Your Study Time More Convienant

Setting up your Bible Study BookMarkers.

1. From the Main Menu select Bible Studies and then save the link to your “Favorites” or the “Home Screen” of your portable device. –


2. From the three Bible Studies drop down menus, select the Bible Book or Special Study that you would like to study.


3. Notice that “Your BookMarker” is empty. Tap or click the Title or Name of the  first study or any study you wish. A popup window asks you to confirm the new BookMarker. Selecting “OK” will save a cookie to your device to record your selection.


4. Next click the Bible Studies link you set in step 1. The webpage will check as it loads to see if your BookMark is set and will automatically select those particular studies and highlight the BookMarker with blue lines. The BookMarker you selected will also be listed as “Your BookMarker” at the top of the list and has a hyperlink.


5. Clicking on the “Play” button on any study will automatically save the name of that study in a cookie on your device. Refreshing the webpage or clicking on the “Update BookMarkers” will cause a screen refresh. “Your Last Played” selection is updated and the lines around the last study played will now be highlighted with orange to clearly indicate your last selection.


6. Clicking on the “Pause” button or allowing the audio to “End” will save the time at which the study was stopped in order to return you to that spot.


7. The BookMarkers Tool uses 4 small cookies on your device and no information is passed to our website. All of these cookies can be deleted from your device at any time by clicking on “Delete BookMarkers”. All cookies will expire after 180 days and will automatically delete.



Rewind / ReListen.

While listening to a study you may need to rewind or relisten to a portion of study. In addition to dragging the Play Progress Handle you can click the “-15” button. This will rewind the study 15 seconds each time you click.




While hovering your mouse over or tapping the word “Subject(s)” a popup window opens listing the subject(s) covered in that particular study. These are the subjects that are listed by Rev. C.I. Scofield, D.D. in The Scofield Reference Bible. This study Bible was used by Pastor Hal C. Lee to study and teach.



Study Outline.

Clicking or tapping the word “Outline”  will open a popup window that asks if you would like to download an outline shell with the Scriptures preloaded for you convenience. For more information please see – Outlines Info.



Listening in the Car.

Listening in the car while traveling or commuting is a great time to listen. Streaming the studies over the car stereo is easy with Bluetooth. If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth, an inexpensive Bluetooth to FM transmitter works well.  I bought mine on sale at WallyWorld for just over $10.


My Audio Player Hangs or Stops Playing.

If your smart device audio app hangs or stops while streaming a study, click or tap the rewind “-15” button. Then, click or tap the “Play” button and then the “Pause” button. This will save your study and play time. Then refresh the page and press play again. Portable device web browsers will probably need to be refreshed each time you close the app. I always close the web page on my web browser app each time I finish, and I open a new page when I click the link on my Home Screen.